Self Improvement

8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science


The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in ancient wisdom that, up until now, had been trusted but unproven empirically. Here are eight ancient beliefs and practices that have been ... Read More »

8 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Negative Thoughts


It’s one of the irritations of having a mind that sometimes bad thoughts get stuck going around in it. It could be a mistake at work, money worries or perhaps a nameless fear. Whatever the anxiety, fear or worry, it can prove very difficult to control. The most intuitive method for dealing with it is using thought suppression: we try to ... Read More »

22 Things Happy People Do Differently


By Chiara Fucarino There are two types of people in the world: those who choose to be happy, and those who choose to be unhappy. Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t come from fame, fortune, other people, or material possessions. Rather, it comes from within. The richest person in the world could be miserable while a homeless person could be ... Read More »

24 Affirmations To Help You Build Positive Self-Talk


How you live your life is largely determined by that “eency-weency” voice inside your head.  If that voice tells you things you don’t want, it’s important to speak up for what you DO want. Research has shown that positive affirmations can have many benefits, such as improved reduced stress and improved health.  Affrmations can even help you improve in a ... Read More »

15 Things To Start Doing For Yourself


Start Being Fully Honest With Yourself – Being fully honest with yourself is so important as we can get caught up in convincing ourselves that various things don’t bother us or aren’t a challenge for us. We even be guilty to avoid admitting certain characteristics about the current version of ourselves. Honesty is needed in every aspect of our lives ... Read More »

Why You Need to Let Yourself Be Yourself


How do you feel about the way you appear within the context of your life? Are you truly yourself? Do you feel that you can be you, no matter the social situation you’re in? If you regularly feel that you can’t just relax and be yourself, you’re probably sick and tired of it. There’s a good chance, too, that you ... Read More »

5 Simple Everyday Tips That Will Help Keep You In Good Health


We’ve all done it before. We start to feel that tickle in our throat, the stuffiness in our nose, or the ache in our stomach and we look for a solution to prevent what we don’t want to go through. Whether it be calling a loved one for advice, or pulling up the computer for a quick Google search, there ... Read More »

Ways to Boost Your Energy When You Haven’t Slept


You barely slept at all last night, but playing hooky (from your job, from your family, from your life) today just isn’t an option. Here’s how to fake it until you make it—until bedtime. By Corrie Pikul 7 a.m. Get up when your alarm goes off. “The worst mistake I see my sleep-deprived insomnia patients make is staying in bed ... Read More »

What To Say When You Need Some Alone Time


It’s all very well to say that all of us, especially those of us who are introverts, are entitled to live as we choose. But sometimes the words we need to use to set boundaries without causing offense don’t easily come off our tongues. So we stammer justifications and fumble with excuses—and often end up just acquiescing to whatever others ... Read More »

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind


These questions have no right or wrong answers. Because sometimes asking the right questions are the answer. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Which is worse, failing or never trying? If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do? ... Read More »